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About Otis Spark

In 1978 Buddy Clark set out on a mission to increase yield on potatoes. The starting point was based on hundreds of publications discussing seed germination and how to make the seeds germinate sooner with a higher percentage of germination. Through research and development of the product over the last 40+ years, he was able to create a system that has accomplished increased germination, resulting in increased yield. The system is proprietary, but is based on the "old ways" of planting and harvesting by the moon.

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Thousands of tests have been performed over the years, using non-treated rows and treated rows to compare. The results of the tests have been wildly promising, showing a range of 10% to over 30% increase in yield in some cases. The yield increased, but the interesting part is the SIZE of the potatoes also increased. The yield of 10 oz + size potatoes has been increased across all rows. In one test based on the Gold Rush variety, the number of 10 oz tubers in the non-treated row was only 14, where the number of 10 oz tubers in the treated rows averaged 21, an average increase of 10 oz tubers of 42.5%. Check out our POTENTIAL PROFIT page to see how this system can work for you and earn you more per acre. 

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Over 40 years of product development, research, and field testing while potato farming and with other crops, we have amassed thousands of test materials showing that this product works. Check out some of our tests below and see the difference of treated, vs non-treated rows. If you would like to see more testing and statistics, please give us a CALL, or get int touch with any other questions to setup an appointment. 

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