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Since 1978 Buddy Clark has been testing the Otis Spark system throughout PEI. With thousands of tests all documented in fields all over PEI with potato farming or other crop growing, Otis Spark is a proven way to not only increase your overall yield, but to increase the average size of your yield. 



Otis spark system for corn planeters offers slightly more yield, but a more dense composition of kernels and a more complete cob than non-treated rows based on field tests. 

Barley Grains


Otis spark system for grain planters offers thicker more condensed growth rate, resulting in higher grain yield accoring to field tests. 


Who We Are

Since 1978 Buddy Clark has been working on a planting system to increase the yield of potatoes. The system has been working so well that we adapted it to increase the yield on most all farm crop products and have about the same percent gain on corn and grains as potatoes. Buddy has over 50 years of experience in the farm industry, having worked at PEI BAG CO LTD. and founding PEI Farm Equipment Ltd, Blower Potato Harvester, and Self-level boom for sprayers. So it is safe to say that Buddy knows farm equipment. OTIS SPARK has been developed based on over 2000 scientific articles on the effects of seed germination and plant growth combined with planting by moon phase, elder information, and common sense.



26014 Rt 2 Highway, New Annan, Prince Edward Island, Canada


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